If you love the taste of fine wine, you will love the taste of this timeless album by Groovexpress. The compositions, arrangements and performances by the band are flawless. The first single “Geraldine” is a hit!

Michael B. Sutton

Producer, Founder & CEO
The Sound of L.A. Records

‘live at gvr’

The Recording Academy placed Groovexpress on the Official Ballot for the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards in the following categories:

Best Jazz Instrumental Album
Groovexpress – ‘Live At GVR’

Best Improvised Jazz Solo
Mykeljon Winckel: ‘Geraldine’
from the album, ‘Live At GVR’

Groovexpress is the real thing in jazz! They are true proponents, carrying on the tradition that jazz is to be performed and recorded with no overdubs. Just musicians speaking to other in the same moment, and that their playing together always makes a singular statement. Each and every member of Groovexpress is a consummate monster of a player, which is fully on display on their excellent new CD, LIVE AT GVR… the future of jazz looks very, very bright.

Al Gomes

Big Noise

New Zealandʼs best music export since Split Enz… How could any jazz music lover not get inspired after listening to Groovexpress? Just one listen to this very innovative jazz & soulful band will show you what it means to be recognised as the new beat of jazz music… Live at GVR is one of the most brilliant “live albums” ever recorded & produced… anywhere!

Paul Mac

Executive Producer
Phase Global Radio

‘ukrainian doll’

All aboard the Groovexpress featuring a vintage vibe with original material that encompasses jazz, blues, funk and more on their latest release Ukrainian Doll. The internationally acclaimed band is based out of New Zealand and delivers upbeat, fun, sensual jazz with a retro spin that will inspire you… The album is receiving critical acclaim and airplay around the world. A band of highly accomplished individuals with deep resumes… creating music that is ageless and timeless by combining genres with fresh flavors to attract music lovers worldwide! Groovexpress is the new face of Smooth Jazz!

Sandy Shore